1. About Us
  2. Manufacturing Principles
  3. Sustainability
  4. Research Development
  5. Environmental Policy
Rotech Motor Technologies established in Istanbul in order to manufacture high quality shaded pole motors as well as ECM Motors with ne road of customer needs. Every year, the production capacity and the customer variance increases with a sustainable growth. Rotech Motor Technologies with their well experienced stuff and engineers, will continue to be listening customer needs and market needs and go further with a sustainable route.
Due to the spirit of complete harmony and cooperation that has always characterized relations with large industrial groups, Rotech Motor Technologies could develop a strong Know -how not only in the electromechanical motor design, but also in EMC Motors and electronic design that allow us today to offer to the market integrated systems and air treatment devices . Design, is also carried out and monitored internally in the same way of production. Our technical dept. is equipped with the most modern tools for calculation and simulation in fluidodynamics, electromagnetism, integrated systems and, last but not least, mechanical structure.
Rotech Motor Technologies manufactures a wide range of AC motors, fans and blowers. These are supplied to customers worldwide for use in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, as well as many other diverse fan and mechanical duty applications. The common component of all our clients is their need for high quality, technically advanced products, designed to meet very exacting requirements, coupled with availability at short notice and low cost. Rotech Motor Technologies has established a reputation for meeting these criteria and satisfying customer demands.
From the beginning of the establishment of the company, Rotech Motor Technologies centered its position with the research and development culture. Research engineers nowadays finished ECM energy saving motors and developing further sustainable innovations on the bruhless motors that will be the center of customer needs in a near future.
Responsibility is an integral part of Rotech Motor Technologies' corporate identity. As such, corporate sustainability is firmly anchored in our entire manufacturing process: from clean production processes to green recycling practices, our concept of sustainability extends far beyond the footprint of this plant. We also take responsibility for cultural and social issues and are involved in supporting educational programs throughout territory.

Research Development

Rotech Motor Technologies give an advance importance to research and development in certainly electrical motors for HVAC sector. Especially Electronic Commutative Motors, brushless motors are on  main target for further development studies. 

As far as for future needs, Rotech Motors Technologies adapted their route for new generation energy efficient and energy saving motor types in their development studies.

Environmental Policy

In order to be sustainable and protection of environmental, most of all prosedures at the stages of manufacturing calculated with a minimun harm for environmental sources at Rotech Motor Technologies.

Customer Care

Customers are our focus of interest due to be providing a sustainable and high quality production, our energy is ready for every aspects of customer needs.

Development Policy

Rotech Motor Technologies centered at the development in every aspects, such as manufacturing quality, customer care, environmental care and successful sustainable growth.

Values Aspects

We all live surrounded by home appliances and we require from them no special technological performance but only a nice comfortable feeling of cooperation and support.