ECM Motor Manufacturing

Rotech Motor Technologies developing energy saving electrical commutative motors (ECM Motor) and started to market sales. Up to  utility rates in energy saving criteria, Rotech Motor's engineers are successful to develop the motor and manufacturing ECm Motor started. With the new energy saving policies of internationla outorities and companies, energy saving electromechanical structure will be near futures trend and a compulsory envirenmental issue.

Environmental Policy

In order to be sustainable and protection of environmental, most of all prosedures at the stages of manufacturing calculated with a minimun harm for environmental sources at Rotech Motor Technologies.

Customer Care

Customers are our focus of interest due to be providing a sustainable and high quality production, our energy is ready for every aspects of customer needs.

Development Policy

Rotech Motor Technologies centered at the development in every aspects, such as manufacturing quality, customer care, environmental care and successful sustainable growth.

Values Aspects

We all live surrounded by home appliances and we require from them no special technological performance but only a nice comfortable feeling of cooperation and support.